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As Founder and Medical Director of Florida Detox and Wellness Institute, I have performed more extensive testing on addicted patients than that of all the addiction treatment centers in America.

Many famous treatment centers do not perform even basic blood testing. How would they know what biochemical disorders cause drug craving and addiction if they have never looked?

In 2010, I treated 500 new addicted patients. I diagnosed nine of those patients with pituitary tumors, adenomas, tiny brain tumors that disrupt hormonal balance and brain function. These brain tumors can subsequently cause drug craving.

Some caused excessive production of thyroid hormone, hyperthyroidism. Patients with hyperthyroidism suffer with anxiety and insomnia. These patients are repeatedly misdiagnosed as drug addicts and alcoholics at America’s rehab centers because they self-medicate their overactive brains with Oxycontin, Xanax and alcohol. Click to read more!

One of these patients, a dentist from Miami, had spent $200,000 at a famous rehab on Malibu beach, four different $50,000 admissions over a two year period. Each time Jack returned for another rehab stent, the doctors told him he was a good dentist, but sadly, a drug addict. Jack abused Oxycontin to quiet the anxiety derived from hyperthyroidism.

Jack was thankful he found Florida Detox and Dr. Sponaugle. He has had successful removal of his brain tumor and no longer fights anxiety and OxyContin addiction.

This year, I diagnosed over 200 addicted patients with mold toxicity. MOLD TOXICITY distorts brain chemistry causing severe depression, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, anxiety, insomnia, rage control issues and in the worst cases, multiple sclerosis. One of four Americans, 24 percent, can not effectively remove mold toxins from there body, they do so 468 percent less efficiently.

Linda is a 42-year old gynecologist from Birmingham who became disabled at age 38, she could no longer practice gynecology. She was referred to me by a brilliant endocrinologist in Birmingham after four years of treatment by doctors at the University of Alabama failed to diagnose the cause of her demise. Linda came to Florida Detox and Wellness, so fatigued that she was almost wheel chair bound.

Because I have ascertained a brain chemistry pattern that is produced from excessive toxin accumulation in the brain, I diagnosed the cause of Linda’s demise on our first visit. Her subsequent testing revealed extraordinary high levels of three different mold toxins, thrichothecene, aflatoxin and ochratoxin. Linda underwent an aggressive intravenous detox regimen I have designed for patients who suffer from toxic accumulation of mold toxins, Lyme’s toxins, and solvent toxins like benzene, toluene, mandelic acid from skin exfoliants etc.

Linda is now full of energy, she no longer suffers depression or anxiety and her total body pain is gone, she no longer needs hydrocodone just to get out of bed in the morning. She claims that my brain chemistry optimization program has given her better ability to focus than she had in her twenties. Furthermore, it became obvious that God brought Dr. Linda to Florida Detox for her three children. They were also suffering with depression, ADHD symptoms and chronic fatigue, all three tested positive for mold toxicity and are responding nicely to treatment.

Please visit my blog for a few more interesting patient stories. You will see the brain scan that matches the distorted brain chemistry that causes craving for Oxycontin etc. The extensive knowledge we have obtained from our clinical research has empowered us to look much deeper below the obvious symptom of addiction into the multifaceted realm of medical and biochemical disorders that are the true cause of addiction in most patients.

Unfortunately, most addiction specialists have made little effort to perform their own research, they wait for generic studies to come out of universities where doctors really don’t get to know their patients. Doctors at other treatment centers have not researched the biochemical causes of drug and alcohol craving because they were wrongly taught, the great myth, that drug addiction is the primary disease, an incurable disease.

Please do not waste your time and financial resources on nonscientific addiction treatment. Your addiction is a symptom of another biochemical issue that has changed your brain chemistry in such a fashion that your brain feels better on a specific drug. You may have inherited this from mom or dad or you could have acquired it from many different sources.

At Florida Detox & Wellness Institute, we diligently study advances in neuroscience and anti-aging/wellness medicine. We constantly perform new clinical research as we discover more causes of addiction. Our intense study of the brain and the endocrine system has empowered us to design the most comprehensive brain and body optimization program available to any addict or non addicted patient. This optimization of more than 60 biochemicals not only stops drug and alcohol craving, it is extremely effective in reversing the accelerated aging process caused by drugs and alcohol.

Our goal at Florida Detox is no longer to simply stop your craving and addiction cycle, we want to return your brain and body to a more youthful state. In my Brain Chemistry and Addiction workshop, I explain many brain health and anti-aging concepts that help the entire family become more healthy, including how they can prevent early memory loss and Alzheimer’s which has doubled since 1980.